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Microsoft Office ProPlus 2010 SP1 VL (x86/x64) en-US May2013 | 1.15 GB / 1.34 GB

Microsoft Office ProPlus 2010 SP1 VL (x86/x64) en-US May2013 | 1.15 GB / 1.34 GB
murphy78 presents Microsoft Office ProPlus SP1 VL 2010 May2013
Contains all KB files with msp patches to bring current to
the May14-2013 security-patch date.
Release File:
Size: 1.49GiB
CRC32: 96C39FEF
MD5: 508F0298E1033E3073B90EB902F8F316
SHA-1: 0B04711E04EF56A5CBD26BA18D0B11444087D088
Size: 1.71GiB
CRC32: 274C7293
MD5: 11FC3A5C64D7DF16D55917562AD894C6
SHA-1: 6E7F67D8D31AF437489756C3B265816C25BD4E33
First I converted the source from Retail to VL because you are
NEVER going to activate any Retail version without purchasing.
There would obviously be small periods where leaked keys could
be used to retail activate, but it would only work for a short
while before MS blocks the key. This is why we use VL for KMS
Then I added all the big MSP files into the updates folder.
The updates folder for the source already had sp1 msp files,
so I just needed to add ones for post-sp1 to satisfy MS Update.
I split the source into 2 different versions so people wouldn't
have to download both of them. They already had autorun info. I
didn't modify the source other than switch it to VL and add
updates. A lot of people from what I hear, recommend getting
32-bit version of Office 2010 because of all the plug-ins.
You can choose for yourself.
You can't simply toss the exe files from MS Download Center in the
folder, but you can extract those files with 7-zip and then copy
the en-US and the none.MSP files to there. You also have to
add any proofing spanish and french files or Update nags you.
And that's exactly what I've done. These are all of the MSP files
contained in MOST of the KB exe files available for download. There
are still a few ones that don't have any MSP file inside, but
they are very small. The non-MSP kb files total about 1-2megs on
Microsoft Download. Those, you can do yourself. I cannot
pre-integrate those without making a fully custom install using
a bunch of registry settings, task settings, services, etc.
Basically, just not gonna happen; would be a mistake to even try.
MSP files in Updates Folder:
ace-x-none.msp, clientshared64muisp1-en-us.msp, clientshared64wwsp1-x-none.msp,
clientsharedmuisp1-en-us.msp, csi-x-none.msp, excel-x-none.msp, EXCEL.msp,
filterpack-x-none.msp, gkall-x-none.msp, graph-x-none.msp, groove-x-none.msp,
infopath-x-none.msp, ipeditor-x-none.msp, mscomctlocx-x-none.msp,
mso-x-none.msp, msointl-en-us.msp, msores-x-none.msp, niceclass-x-none.msp,
oart-x-none.msp, oartconv-x-none.msp, officesuitemuisp1-en-us.msp,
officesuitewwsp1-x-none.msp, onenote-x-none.msp, onenoteintl-en-us.msp,
osc-x-none.msp, oscintl-en-us.msp, osetup-x-none.msp, outlfltr-x-none.msp,
outlook-x-none.msp, outlookintl-en-us.msp, powerpoint-x-none.msp,
proof-en-us.msp, proof-es-es.msp,proofingsp1-en-us.msp,
proofsp1-en-us.msp, proofsp1-es-es.msp,
publisher-x-none.msp, vbe7-x-none.msp, visio-x-none.msp, vviewer-x-none.msp,
You can activate using MS Toolkit 2.4.3.
Click the office button, then activation tab, etc.
You can backup your activation files in MTK.
(Thanks to CODYQX4 for his amazing MTK activation app)
Enjoy Pirates,
From Rapidgator
From Uploaded

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